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Release calendar

Press releases on the main socio-economic indicators are issued according to a fixed press release calendar, published and distributed to media editorial offices in early January every year. The releases are issued at the Institute's press room in Via Cesare Balbo 16, Rome at 10 a.m. o n the day indicated in the calendar. In the preceding half hour (9.30 to 10 a.m.) a briefing is held reserved for journalists belonging to accredited Italian and foreign press agencies. The director in charge of the survey is on hand to provide journalists with clarifications, explanations and survey background information. The press releases are simultaneously distributed by fax and e-mail to institutions, all media and press members and research institutes. The releases are published on this website the same morning.

Consumer price indexes are issued by provincial capitals statistical offices which independently process and release data referred to their territory. The indices are constructed using the methodology established by ISTAT. The release date and time (11 a.m.) is the same for all municipalities and coincides with the date of issue of the provisional estimate of consumer price indices by ISTAT.


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