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Foreign trade.Foreign trade. In June total balance was -1,8 billion euro
  Prices.Prices. In July NIC +0.3% over June, +2.7% year over year
Industrial production.Industrial production. In June +0.2% year over year
  GDP.GDP. II quarter 2011 +0.3% over I quarter 2011, +0,8% year over year

Households with foreigners 2009
Istat carried out for the first time the “Income and living conditions” survey on a sample of 6,000 households resident in Italy with at least one foreign member

Monthly resident population and population change
The demographic balance of Italian municipalities in the period January-November 2010 available in data bank

Environmental taxes in Italy
Istat releases the 1990-2009 time series on environmental tax revenue in Italy

Business confidence in the retail trade sector
In February the index rose to 101.0 from 99.8 in January 2011

Trips and holidays in Italy and abroad
Istat presents the main aggregates of tourism demand in Italy

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29 August Consumer Confidence August 2011
30 August Retail trade June 2011
1 September Contractual wages and salaries July 2011

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economic overlook
date %*  
GDP 1Q/11 +1.0 graph
Consumer prices 07/11 +2.7 graph
Production prices 06/11 +4.3 graph
Industrial production 06/11 +0.2 graph
Retail trades 05/11 -0.6 graph
Employment IQ/11 +0.1 graph
Wages 06/11 +1.8 graph
*trend % changes
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